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LandPower is our cloud-based, complete modular SaaS platform featuring an API-driven microservices architecture that grows to accommodate your changing needs. Each module works seamlessly with the platform and provides a rich feature set for maximum productivity.


Onboard and maintain customers using the Customer Engagement module for:

  • Customer enrollment.
  • Self-help through an easy-to-use customer portal.
  • A multi-device mobile experience.

LandPower’s Billing engine is ideal for energy providers offering multiple plans with a need to create customer-specific bills. It supports:

  • Bill ready.
  • Rate ready.
  • Direct billing.
  • Multi-product offerings.

Direct connections to energy providers require a robust transaction management solution. LandPower is capable of handling both routine processing and unusual protocol variations and has been used to interface with more than 100 energy providers.

The Wholesale module is a sophisticated solution that helps traders make informed decisions on energy purchases and includes:

  • Data import – weather, meters and prices.
  • Usage forecasting.
  • Scheduling.
  • Reconciliation.

The LandPower Products module automates and simplifies the process of managing multiple products including:

  • New product introduction.
  • Facilitating adoption of existing products.
  • Product discontinuation.
  • Rating.

To meet the complex requirements of energy communities, the Smart Grid module offers:

  • Rapid interval data uploading and cleansing.
  • Data sharing for programs like Demand Response.
  • Third-party data registration and management of green energy credits.

Our Analytics and Reports module is capable of meeting all your requirements for digitally capturing and presenting customer information. Data is secure and the system provides a simple, repeatable process for accessing information to assist customers. It provides:

  • Standard prebuilt reports.
  • Client defined reports.

Keeping in constant contact with your customers improves satisfaction rates and enhances the value of every client. Our module helps you with:

  • Email, voice, text (SMS) chat and print.
  • Campaign management.
  • Delivery and response tracking.
  • Document rendering and recovery.

Our Commercial and Industrial module supports indexed and fixed pricing. The module includes a broker portal and has the ability to provide custom multi-product solutions.


Modern Architecture
Modern Architecture
  • Micro Services, API-driven architecture.
  • Incorporates industry best practices.
  • Highly scalable.
Data & System Secure
Data & System Secure
  • Proven and high priority.
  • Automated security defense mechanisms.
  • Strong posture that meets or beats industry standards.
Quick to Deploy
Quick to Deploy
  • Packaged for quick installation.
  • Full suite of configuration and migration tools.
  • Continuous software integration.
  • Hosted in Azure worldwide.
  • Automated deployment and failover.
  • Easy integration with third-party systems.
Saves Money
Saves Money
  • Efficient design reduces staffing requirements.
  • Only pay for modules that you need.
  • Highly scalable billing and payment processing.
  • Each module is available separately.
  • Logically bundled for complete solutions.
  • Consistent experience across modules.
Insightful Analytics
Insightful Analytics
  • Centralized data warehouse.
  • Predictive analytics.
  • Built-in business intelligence.
Smart Grid
Smart Grid
  • Built to meet new market requirements.
  • Supports large volume data.
  • Adaptable for unique market needs.
Experienced Team
Experienced Team
  • Leading-edge developers with deep energy background.
  • Can-do attitude supported by decades of experience.
  • Proven and reliable client delivery process.


You’ll find LandPower solutions at work around the world, providing advanced CIS and data management solutions for residential and commercial markets.

Deregulated Energy

LandPower offers a complete suite of modules specifically designed to meet the needs of energy retailers operating in deregulated markets. And, because it’s a SaaS subscription solution, it’s easily scalable to grow with you while keeping costs in line.

Community Choice

Launching a Community Choice Aggregation organization is huge undertaking. Landmark Tech has the software platform with the renewable energy Smart Grid capabilities along with the experienced team you may require for executing your launch. Our Professional Services and Business Process Operations teams will augment your software and support your project.


LandPower is currently used in the U.S., Japan and Canada. It’s ease of adaptation, ability to meet different regulations and functionality across markets speaks to the success of our modular, API-driven architecture.


Landmark Tech provides CIS and data management software to energy providers throughout the world. Our LandPower solutions have proven themselves to more than 1 million energy consumers and our robust modules allow customers to deploy scalable solutions to meet the needs of today’s rapidly evolving retail energy marketplace. Landmark Tech’s Support and Business Practice offerings are ideal for both commercial and residential applications in deregulated, community choice and international markets.


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